Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why I Love The Mummy

So, today I was watching The Mummy. My dad said to me, Well that's appropriate to watch two days from Christmas. But, I guess I'm sort of through with Christmas. Is that sad? There comes a point in time when I just want it to be January and normal time. 

Anyway, I realized why I love this movie so much: There's adventure! Wit! Silliness! A little of bit of fear! Egypt! Beautiful people that I wish to emulate!

For example: 

Evelyn (Evie) is a total babe. She can read and write ancient Egyptian and works as a librarian in Cairo. She knows all there is to know about Egypt... but she's rejected by the Bembridge scholars even though she's on the edge of greatness. In some respects, I feel like her. Specializing in a small subject, nearing success, but facing rejection. It's poignant because I feel like we all wish to be on the edge of greatness at one point or another.

Okay, so this is the only movie in which Brendan Fraser is attractive. I don't even know what else to say after that. 

And then there was that crazy naked bitch Anuk-Sunamun. 

So, basically, I've been thinking about Egypt, dressing like Evie, naming my (potential future) daughter Evelyn, and how that N*SYNC song, "It's Gonna Be Me" kind of sounds Egyptian in the beginning. Does anyone feel me? 

I remember being obsessed with Egypt as a kid, reading books, listening to Justin Timberlake belt out, 'It's gonna BAY MAY,' and hoping that I would one day make it to an Egypt free of political tumult. Anyway...


  1. Justin Timberlake is bringing the sexy pharaoh back as well. It's unfortunate that a lot of that Egypt and a lot of the areas around it aren't particularly safe to visit at the moment. There's such a rich and amazing history there. I want to go to Abu Simbel and the Giza Pyramids before I die...maybe the Valley of the Kings if I could even get in there. Rachel Weisz is indeed a total babe, by the why. After watching Indiana Jones and Rick O'Connell when I was younger, I always wanted to be that archeologist/adventurer. I mean what's cooler than finding mythological artifacts and fighting Nazis and mummies?

  2. I've never seen 'The Mummy' but your review has convinced me I should. I remember really liking Egypt when I was a kid too. I liked this book called 'The Egypt Game' about a bunch of kids from the sixties who pretended they were from ancient Egypt.