Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I am obsessed with GLEE right now, along with basically any other young person in America at this time.

A fellow I work with once mentioned how awkward he feels when people break into song on a TV show or movie.


There's something each character brings to the table. One of my favorite characters right now is Quinn Fabray. She started out on top of the world and a dose of reality brought her back down. Now she's kind and willing to make up for her past.

I love the rivalry between Mr. Schuester and Sue Sylvester. And I loved the Madonna episode.

Emma has always remained a favorite of mine.
I'm pretty sure I want my hair to look like hers for my wedding.

GLEE is contagious! It makes me feel so happy, so thoughtful, and full of things to quote later on (especially from the dumb blonde Cheerio).

As Julie would say, *girly sigh.* I can unashamedly have a crush on Mr. Schuester because Frank has a crush on Emma. The perfect relationship requires this sort of equilibrium!

Julie and I: forever GLEEks.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Silver Lining

Lately I have been burying my nose in textbooks.

My most recent exploits have been anything but exciting, rather stressful, embarrassing, and discouraging.

But alas! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, a silver lining to the rain cloud, an incentive to carry on...

One more final to go this Tuesday and my summer will officially COMMENCE.

My first "attempt" at a final was a presentation for a psychology seminar. My future is up in the air as far as that goes...

Follow that with a history final that went surprisingly well...

Countered by a geosciences exam that went meagerly. See above photo.

My English final went as well as could be expected.

And now I avoid studies for my Spanish final... probably to be the most challenging of all the finals. After this long-awaited break I have no motivation but an immense need to study!

So what do I do?

But of course, pop Little House on the Prairie in the DVD player and use it as the "backdrop" to my study session. There is something comforting about returning to simpler times. When I was a child, I was home sick very frequently with pneumonia and bronchitis. My favorite show to watch while I laid in my bed was Little House on the Prairie. I only watched it when I was sick so it gave me a light at the end of the tunnel, a silver lining to the rain cloud, an incentive to carry on...

I try to look forward to the future without missing too much of the present.

This summer I can't wait to partake in the typical summer fare: the outdoors, picnics, nature walks, lemonade, BBQs, swimming, and the likes.

I also hope to scrapbook, read, and travel. Sometimes the best sorts of sights are just out of view; in your own state, your own town. Having a meaningful experience doesn't require you to go too far.

And as we all know (or perhaps just I) my job is not the best for travel or time off, so the meaningful experiences I create will have to be near.

This was taken in my own backyard!

So for the time being, I will retreat. I will try hard not to be so overwhelmed with the future that I miss all of the meaningful and beautiful things happening around me.

Happy studying!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Go Now

I was raised listening to the oldies. I recall hot summer days with the garage door up, my dad milling around, and the radio turned up.

I loved "Layla" by Eric Clapton.

Before I went to sleep, my parents would set a timer on my clock/radio so I could fall asleep to the sounds of Lou Christie singing "Lightnin' Strikes."

I would watch Hard Day's Night with my dad and grew to love "Can't Buy Me Love" and the title tune by the Beatles.

So it isn't surprising to say that I am a fan of the Moody Blues.

I don't believe there to be many more beautiful songs than "Nights in White Satin" or "Tuesday Afternoon."

However, a lesser known song of theirs, "Go Now" is my favorite.

Lately it keeps haunting me.

I caught the tail end of it playing on the radio a week or so ago and burst into an excited state. They never play "Go Now" on the radio.

Let alone, twice.

I had been having a rough week, as it rained and stormed pretty heavily last night, making work a big wet disaster and delaying our departure. My neighborhood is under construction and I sat in my street for ten minutes waiting for about ten people to figure out how to move a truck this morning after having not slept but a few hours. I was running late and everything just seemed to be going awry.

And then "Go Now" came on the radio again.

It reminded me of Forrest Gump when he said, "Mama always said miracles happen everyday. Some people don't think so but they DO!"

I think miracles happen everyday.

So, in this sleep-deprived stupor, I am inspired. The Writer's Digest website posts creative writing prompts that people can respond to in hopes for winning money. For me, it just sounds like fun. In the near future, I think I may just respond to one of those prompts and see how it goes. (And if certain other people wish to join in, I'd love to pass the creativity along... you know who you are... I may or may not have went to middle school with you...) I'd love to hear feedback, be it words of praise or blunt honesty telling me to stop ever putting my thoughts into the atmosphere.

There's always more to come in...

My English Life.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Things I find in my backyard
My dog, Jet!

Activities that include ducks
At an orchard last fall, we couldn't get this duck to stop following us.
My 20th Birthday after having consumed snow crab, Frank took me for a walk along the river. We fed the ducks the best alternative to bread we had: Pringles.

My Town

My Grandparents' House
If you look hard enough, you'll see an Amish buggy. It's so far out in the boondocks, but I love being there. My parents met here, my dad went to college about a half an hour away, and it just brings me back to my roots.
My grandma's sink has little farm animal figurines.
(The best part of the house is the beautiful people that inhabit it).

Best friends I've met in college.
These girls can make me laugh anytime of day with their wit and science jokes.
(Julie, this was too cute I had to steal from your Facebook!) Julie and Todd are my favorite couple. I'm so blessed to know both of their friendships. Julie is so beautiful, brilliant, and full of sunshine. Todd's piano skills near on that of genius and his heart is full of kindness.

Best friends that come to visit from out-of-state. (My job makes it next to impossible to take time off for travel so I rely on visits!).
I don't think I'll ever know another like Kelsey. She knows what I'm thinking without having to say it, her morbid sense of humor makes me happy to be alive, and I know this girl will do great things.

I couldn't have made it through high school without the cynical, coffee-induced rants with Ruth. My love of music has never been the same since we met and obsessed over new bands every school year.

The love of my [English] life.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Daddy's Little Beatle

There is something magical about spending the day with your dad watching the TCM channel, setting up Beatles Rockband, and embarrassing yourself whole-heartedly once it's finished.

God grant me the strength to make it through this week!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Watermelon Man

I've found myself more apt and able to accomplish things when the weather is in the 80's. Thank the Lord for warm fronts!

This week hasn't been all that bad. As is customary, I shall review thus far.

Monday: Performed my group's presentation of the third act of "La Casa de Bernarda Alba" in my Spanish class. Although speaking Spanish in front of the masses makes me blush rather fervently, leaving my face burning, this was definitely my favorite unit.

Tuesday: Harbored deep appreciation for my English teacher once again for her admitting that as an undergraduate, she watched Tess of the d'Urbervilles on film instead of reading it. Presented my team project in psychology. Ran into the professor after class and she exclaimed, "Great job in class today!"

Wednesday: I can't say much of anything notable happened yesterday.

Thursday: Had to conceal my excitement over discussing Thomas Hardy's poetry and T.S. Eliot's prose. It's surprising how well I can understand Eliot although he is one of the twentieth century's most "opaque" authors.

I dare not glance at the week ahead, as I know school is winding down and finals, projects, papers, and presentations are full steam ahead. One project I can not bear to sit down to is psychology. I have a lot of reading and research to do in addition to making a presentation for the class. I took a completely different route with my project than anyone else and the fact I am working solo is a contrast in itself. I'm not sure I'll be convincing enough in my arguments and I'm just plain stressed. Maybe if I don't do it, it will go away?

I've been a bit stressed out in my home life lately as well, so in order to distract myself I have decided to compile a list of my top ten favorite male singers. In my defense, these are very general and do not include classic R&B/soul/funk, country, or people that are most known for the band in which they reside (with few exceptions). There will be more to come! Here goes...

1. Paul McCartney/John Lennon: The greatest musical duo of the twentieth century. Although I believe Paul McCartney to be a better musician, John Lennon is still my favorite Beatle because as my History of Rock 'N Roll professor so perfectly expressed, "He was the weirdest." Even though the Beatles had their struggles over power, they just loved making music together and they were good at it! They are forever immortalized in history.

2. Jim Morrison: No one will ever know if Jim Morrison's genius was all just the drugs talking, his own creation, or a combination of the two. Although I am not necessarily an avid supporter of Morrison's beliefs, I am obsessed with his deep, sexy voice, at times shocking and incoherent lyrics, and his stage presence, although bizarre at best. If you watch any old performance of The Doors, Jim Morrison is swaying about in his tight black leather pants and just freely letting the music flow. He'll let out a high pitched scream here and there, which surprisingly works. His music to me is so sensual, and even though he screams about wanting to kill his family in "The End" I love Jim Morrison.

3. Jack White: I think Jack White gets a bad rep sometimes because when he performs live, it can be disappointing because he doesn't seem to be trying. I think it's just his personality to be aversive to what people expect so he doesn't want to give a stellar performance and be main stream like everyone else. Nonetheless, he is genius. Although I am a fan of the White Stripes, I prefer the Raconteurs, as they are basically the White Stripes - estrogen + bass. Every song produced by the Raconteurs speaks to my soul! Oftentimes, I will drive home and pretend I am on the way to band practice with them as I belt out every song. Also, White's songs on the Cold Mountain soundtrack are intensely fabulous. (His role in the film wasn't so bad either. Who knew he could be such a convincing inhabitant of the Civil War-era mountains?)

4. Ryan Adams: Rolling Stone listed Heartbreaker, Adams' first album as one of the top 100 of the last decade. Absolutely, YES. Some people tire of Adams' laments over women but I feel like each
album has something new to offer. Heartbreaker is by far his best, evocative of so many genres and full of great lyrics and heartfelt vocals. The song "Amy" is one of the most serene and reflective I have ever heard. I adore Love is Hell especially for "Political Scientist." I saw Ryan Adams in concert last year before he took a hiatus from The Cardinals and he sounds just as great live as recorded. He had fun with the audience too; I felt like he was genuine.

5. Jeff Buckley: Many people claim Jeff Buckley's rock god status and they are RIGHT. How that man held so many notes for so long I will never know. His falsetto and guitar skills were so far ahead of his time and it's a shame he is no longer with us. He could've done great things.

6. Elvis Presley: The original bad boy of rock 'n roll. Why don't singers look and sound like him anymore? I'd be screaming in the front row too!

7. Elton John: Is there any stopping Elton John? No. "Bennie and the Jets" will always be my favorite but "My Father's Gun" is a close second.

8. Ben Folds: Although I have mad love for Ben Folds, no album has ever topped Ben Folds Five's Whatever and Ever Amen. I love his intriguing lyrics, incessant piano genius, and infinite ability to create wonderful music. Way to Normal is evidence of this.

9. Billy Joel: "It's still rock 'n roll to me!" I guess I'm a sucker for dudes playing pianos. I really love Billy Joel for a lot of the songs he isn't best known for like "Vienna," "Lullaby (Good Night my Angel," and "And So it Goes." In high school, we sang "And So it Goes." It may be one of the only contemporary songs that gave me goosebumps when we sang it.

10. Jay Clifford: There's a bumper sticker that says something to the effect of "I was the only one who attended a band's concert last night and then I killed them so I could be the only one who'd heard them." This makes me laugh because so many people get cranky about being the "only one" to really get a band or know a singer. Well, Jay Clifford may be one of those singers. He only has one album, Driving Blind, but his voice is insanely catchy to the ear and he seems like such a chill dude that I love listening.

So there's my list. It was difficult limiting myself to just ten, but there's so much more on the way. (Favorite female singers, possibly?)

Spring has made its long-awaited appearance and I get so excited about so many more things in the spring.

Things I'm obsessing over this week:

Wendy's Chicken Caesar Salad
When did rabbit food get so tasty?

Thank you Kroger for finally making it affordable to gorge on three flavors of Pop-Tarts at once by creating a multi-pack.
Cherry, strawberry, blueberry, oh my!

Almay's Intense Blue Eyes collection is hypo-allergenic and safe for contact wearers! Not only do I love the emphasis on my baby blues, but the liquid liner doesn't give me raccoon eyes!
And no, I was not endorsed to say that.

As for my post title, "Watermelon Man," it is a song by Herbie Hancock (derrr) and it remains to me, the ultimate jamming out on campus song.

I suppose my work here is done. On to the tedious aspects of...

My English Life.