Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Things I find in my backyard
My dog, Jet!

Activities that include ducks
At an orchard last fall, we couldn't get this duck to stop following us.
My 20th Birthday after having consumed snow crab, Frank took me for a walk along the river. We fed the ducks the best alternative to bread we had: Pringles.

My Town

My Grandparents' House
If you look hard enough, you'll see an Amish buggy. It's so far out in the boondocks, but I love being there. My parents met here, my dad went to college about a half an hour away, and it just brings me back to my roots.
My grandma's sink has little farm animal figurines.
(The best part of the house is the beautiful people that inhabit it).

Best friends I've met in college.
These girls can make me laugh anytime of day with their wit and science jokes.
(Julie, this was too cute I had to steal from your Facebook!) Julie and Todd are my favorite couple. I'm so blessed to know both of their friendships. Julie is so beautiful, brilliant, and full of sunshine. Todd's piano skills near on that of genius and his heart is full of kindness.

Best friends that come to visit from out-of-state. (My job makes it next to impossible to take time off for travel so I rely on visits!).
I don't think I'll ever know another like Kelsey. She knows what I'm thinking without having to say it, her morbid sense of humor makes me happy to be alive, and I know this girl will do great things.

I couldn't have made it through high school without the cynical, coffee-induced rants with Ruth. My love of music has never been the same since we met and obsessed over new bands every school year.

The love of my [English] life.

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