About Me

My name's Lauren Jean. I'm an American girl who loves reading, writing, singing in the car, vintage fashion, thrifting, art, theatre, ethnic food, and travel. I feel like I am the most myself when I pack my life away into a suitcase in search of a far-away adventure. There is something so magical about airports. You're either full of anticipation for the journey ahead or coming home with memories of the trip you had. Studying abroad in London was the best experience of my life! The world is our canvas and we should make a mess of it.

Until I can get back on a plane somewhere, I'm a grad student and teaching assistant at a Southern public university, pursuing a Master's in English. For me, everyday is filled with literary references (hence 'My English Life'!). 

 This blog is a dedication of ramblings about books I'm obsessed with, adventures in fashion and thrifting, chronicles of delicious eats, and all the wonderful people I am so lucky to share it all with.

I love Dr. Who, baby polar bears, sunflowers, sunglasses, scarves and I'd love to get to know you.