Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I am obsessed with GLEE right now, along with basically any other young person in America at this time.

A fellow I work with once mentioned how awkward he feels when people break into song on a TV show or movie.


There's something each character brings to the table. One of my favorite characters right now is Quinn Fabray. She started out on top of the world and a dose of reality brought her back down. Now she's kind and willing to make up for her past.

I love the rivalry between Mr. Schuester and Sue Sylvester. And I loved the Madonna episode.

Emma has always remained a favorite of mine.
I'm pretty sure I want my hair to look like hers for my wedding.

GLEE is contagious! It makes me feel so happy, so thoughtful, and full of things to quote later on (especially from the dumb blonde Cheerio).

As Julie would say, *girly sigh.* I can unashamedly have a crush on Mr. Schuester because Frank has a crush on Emma. The perfect relationship requires this sort of equilibrium!

Julie and I: forever GLEEks.


  1. lol Have not seen an episode of Glee but have heard none stop about how great it is. As a male, it just does not sound like I would end up liking it. You know my taste in shows and movies. What do you think? Would I like Glee?

  2. I think you would appreciate the humor... perhaps not the performing so much. I must admit it is all a tad cheesy but the show as a whole is pretty fantastic.