Monday, November 15, 2010

I'll See You Soon Then...

"You know what, today is a Dear John kinda day," I said to myself as I drove home from class. I've recently been burdened with the inconvenience of homework and the stressors of procrastination and wanting to get by on the absolute minimum effort. So I stopped for coffee and snowflake-shaped Dove dark chocolate (oh and peppermint bark ones too!) and now I am home with Dear John playing in the background. Call it corny, but I love the relationship between John and Savannah. I love the soundtrack and I can't help but find myself feeling as giddy as they were when they were falling in love...

 These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind...

It was a movie on Halloween, a spontaneous Thursday Qdoba encounter, a Persian food+coffee+bowling+Pie and Icecream Kitchen Saturday date, a monstrous Friday night pizza and the beginnings of a movie, and a surprise party+seafood+movie date......dare I take a breath?

I can't stop listening to "Paperweight." Or The Swell Season. Or Ben Sollee. Or other things I know he loves too.

My Spanish class requires that we give a debate... my group went today. I was surprisingly as confident and calm as I could be. The native Spanish speakers even told me I did a "great job"! In English I presented one of Plath's poems, "Fever 103," which was sort of on-the-spot, so I wasn't nervous and I feel as if it went well too. My friend Sarah told me I did a good job... which made me think, "Man, maybe I actually did a good job today!" I walked out of class with my professor who is directing a summer study abroad program in London, of which I am dying to partake. She told me that she would write me a letter of recommendation... to get into the program she designed. If only I can get scholarship money lined up, I will be Britain-bound this May... absolutely a dream come to life.

I must edit a Spanish term paper for class tomorrow but alas can find no motivation. I want to write and dream elsewhere. I want my coffee-chocolate high to be directed upon a creative endeavor. I want to feel the raising and lowering of his chest next to mine, arms linking me to summer's dying warmth.

My short story is being discussed in my creative writing class tomorrow... wish me luck.

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