Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All Work and No Play?

{sweater: forever 21//locket: online//jeans rolled to capris: ae//mary janes: online}

They say all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. I have to admit that I work more than I play and it's finally paid off.

After being accepted to UofL's Master's program for English, I was beyond excited. But then yesterday I was offered a graduate teaching assistantship! Not only will I be paid a generous stipend, but my tuition is free! In exchange for all of that, I get to work in the writing center and be the Morton Chair Assistant for Dr. Henke. I feel like all of my dreams have come true. Well, so far.

I really, truly feel blessed. Last year, I got the Etscorn Honors Scholarship, allowing me to quit UPS. Then, I got to go to London for two weeks to study abroad! This year, it's all of the great news above. I really hope I can pay it forward someday--God, and the people He's placed in the world to help me--I couldn't have done it without their grace.

I'm ready to register for classes and it all just feels surreal--if only I can successfully defend my thesis this Monday, then I'll have it all.

All that aside, dressing like a French person has made me insanely happy lately. Rolled up jeans, Mary-Jane flats, striped tops, and no fuss hair and makeup. I've also found joy in the early seasons of the U.S. Office. Although I still prefer the British Office best (which Scott says is because I'm such an Anglophile) the early U.S. Office episodes are super giggle-worthy.

Michael Scott: As Abraham Lincoln once said, If you're a racist, then I'll attack you from the North.

I celebrated the good news by visiting my madre at work and stopping at McAlister's because, let's face it, McAlister's is just celebration food and even though I've been eating it at least twice a week for over two years, I'll never tire of the deliciousness. 

Maybe I'll even make a smoothie--whoa, things are gettin' cray. 

And did I mention how anxious I am to see The Hunger Games? I'm reading Catching Fire as we speak and I'm just taking it slow because the books are just so enjoyable. Scott and I got Oreo milkshakes from Dairy Kastle yesterday and had one of our random deep conversations. We drove by Baxter Avenue to see if it was playing but we missed it by half an hour. :( I need an intensely large bucket of popcorn and my Katniss/Peeta fix! 

Until then...

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