Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Food Babies Are the Best

{dress: vintage via etsy ($5!)/sweater: kohl's/shoes: online/tote: from a book binding store in london}

I am back from a lengthy hiatus! I've finished writing my thesis and it's spring break. Julie and I partook in a wonderful day of good eats.

Then Julie decided to 'sample' some shampoo that she thought was lotion at Sephora. Who ever thought it was a good idea to put out a shampoo as a tester? And why is the raspberry bottle half-empty?

 While we ate our pizzas, we contemplated, 'What should we have for dessert?'

Turns out it was school spirit cookies.

And passion tea! 

My lips were burning because I forgot to bring my chapstick and they always do that when I don't have it with me. So what do I do? Search Sephora and Bath & Body Works for chapstick samples. Then Julie and I went for tea samples... twice. Because Great American Cookie Co. thinks they can sell water for 37 cents. They want us to pay for something that covers more than 70% of the earth? No.

Life feels pretty good lately. I've been on a mission to conserve my time, money, and energy for things that truly matter to me. I've cleaned out my bathroom and room and gotten rid of garbage bags full of stuff (for Goodwill donations!). I read a book about minimalism that changed my life. I want to get rid of digital clutter, physical clutter, and mental clutter. It clouds my mind and stresses me out. Less stuff, less stress, more life. 

I've stuck with my New Year's plan to eat more vegetarian. I realized I couldn't be vegan because of my unnatural devotion to cheese and my body's need for yogurt (I'm on antibiotics for acne). I realized that I don't really miss meat from most things and prefer vegetarian versions of foods anyway. I'm not sure I'm ready to go full veggie or if I ever will, but it's nice to try something new that makes you happy. And even though my allergies are through the roof and my dress is clinging at my booty today... I'm happy. I feel like I'm on the road to a better version of me. And that's not half bad.

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  1. Yayyyy for the new blog post! Love it!