Saturday, April 7, 2012

Things I'm Loving This Spring

Lately I've been watching old school episodes of The Office. After watching the entire British series, I decided that I wanted to start from the beginning and catch up on some of the episodes I missed. It reminds me of high school--Ruth, Kelsey, and I would always talk about The Office and the Booze Cruise, Diversity Day, etc. And honestly, I think I enjoy the humor way more now.

Okay, okay. I've jumped on the bandwagon. I'm currently halfway through Catching Fire and loving it. As I'm sure most people will agree, the book is better than the movie. But I still love seeing a movie after reading the book (unless of course the book sucked). I started reading The Hunger Games after I turned in my 30-page thesis, having read ten or more academic research books. So, those who are about to judge, don't. 

I never though I'd say this, but, I LOVE INDIAN FOOD! I used to love chicken tikka masala but ever since my journey into the more vegetarian sphere, I prefer chana masala, which is basically gingered and curried chickpeas. Throw in some naan and gulab jamun for good measure. I tried Naan Peshawri for the first time the other night with Leslie and loved it--it's a sweet naan stuffed with cashews, raisins, and coconut. 

In addition to just trying to get through school, I'm curiously exploring the lives of the French, because they are so chic. French women stereotypically have these small closets full of elegant clothing that they wear over and over for their whole lives. To them, quality wins over quantity, a mantra I've been employing myself lately. The women also seem to eat the most decadent of foods without much exercise and are skinny as can be. Again, they're picking quality over quantity. I just want to be like, "Yeah give be a croissant, butter, and espresso. I'm good." Sometimes I think it's easy to see the beauty in life from a European's perspectives. The United States is all about chain super-stores, restaurants you find in every state, whereas the locally owned gems get closed down because they can't support themselves. It's really sad! I always support locally owned when I can. And it goes without saying that the landscape is bit less of an eyesore in Europe than America. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of beauty to be found in America but it's not thousands of years old like Europe--the free museums, the cathedrals, the open parks for lunch al fresco surrounded by all the old buildings, ahh... okay, I'll stop fangirling for now. 

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