Friday, June 29, 2012

Pin & Do

This summer I have made it my mission to actually DO the stuff I pin on Pinterest. Because yes, I pin a lot. I was inspired by the lovely Siobhan of Hello Flower and her feature 'Pin & Do." I realized it really is pointless to pin unless you actually use the stuff. Otherwise you're just collecting digital clutter. Which, as an aspiring minimalist, I shudder at. So far here are the recipes I've made:


 (Since the meal plan is longer mandatory for me!)

I've also created a few things too. Here they are:

(Though mine turned out a lot less appealing... I used two purple colors and a light pink, ran out of string before I finished, and the little spirals aren't as uniform as the ones above. I might take it all off and try again).
(Couldn't find any silver glitter or light light blue or green. I made a turquoise one and dark blue). 

I also put gold glitter+clear nail polish on the top of my house key. It's so pretty. I don't have the Pinterest link anymore, though. 

Not inspired by Pinterest (for once), I tie dyed to my heart's content the other day. I made the blue one for my dad, the purple/blue and pink/blue for my mom and the one I made for myself is being modeled by Jet above. I have also been dying to tie dye my white bag for like two years and I finally did it. The colors are kind of runny and I'm considering splattering some bleach on it to break it all up but overall, I'm happy with how everything turned out. 

Yesterday mainly consisted of making the crockpot mac&cheese, Derby pie, and catching up on my summer reading. I've been pretty much cooped up in the house since I've been on pain meds for my phantom abdomen malady and because, as I'm sure most of you know, it's like 104 degrees out. Actual temperature there. I like the little 'ecard' that says, "Who turned the thermostat to HELL?" It pretty much feels like it.

I realize that I don't feel content unless I'm making something. I have done so much cooking and trying out new things this summer. I love to know there are things that work, some things that don't, and some things that are just okay. The mac&cheese was delicious--I should've turned it off earlier but the recipe called for 3-4 hours. I think it was done by 2 when I took it out at 2:30. I'm more of a creamy mac&cheese gal. The Derby pie was pretty good too although the crust will never compare to the real thing...

The black bean and quinoa burgers are surprisingly filling. My mom wasn't feeling well and I heated her up a couple for work and she said they gave her so much energy and made her sick-feeling go away. We named them the 'Magical Healing Burgers.' The avocado spread on top is basically a healthier version of guacamole that I've made three times this summer with avocado, sliced tomatoes, paprika, pepper, and a pinch of salt. 

The Greek salad was another hit. Next time I think I'll include less onion and chop up the tomatoes a bit more. Also, don't add the cheese, croutons, or dressing until ready to serve!

I'm sort of on the fence about the chickpea salad wraps. They were good but not great. I think there was just too much celery, onion, and dill for me.

The chickless pot pie was delicious. Who knew you could make a hearty pot pie with vegetable stock and soy milk? I tried making homemade pot pie before and failed because the gravy refused to thicken. Not so in this case! The gravy was so thick and delicious. You could barely even tell it was vegan.

Up next, I think I'm going to try a couple of foot-improvement remedies and a recipe for muffins that only need Greek yogurt, bananas, oats, and like, baking powder. I love foods with the least amount of ingredients possible. I hope to eat more 'clean' and closer to nature in the future but right now I'd say I'm at a good start!

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  1. Hey, wow you've done loads of stuff from your Pinterest boards! Puts me to shame! Love the ipod cord solution, looks so colourful! Have a great weekend x