Sunday, July 1, 2012

Muffins & Maladies

All right, I've been at it again. The 100 degree+ temperatures, lack of rain, and phantom ailment on my left side has left me cooped up indoors. So, what do I do? Yes, I make muffins. But these are no ordinary muffins, you see. They are made from a couple bananas, Greek yogurt, oats, sweetener, and a bit of baking soda. The recipe called for baking powder but I was all out so I just added a bit more baking soda and they turned out all right. 

I am in love with these muffins. They actually stick together when you hold them to eat, unlike crumbly, floury muffins. Anytime I can avoid flour, I do. The recipe said you could add any sort of sweetener but I opted for regular old sugar because at least my body knows how to digest it. Aspartame and such still sort of freaks me out. 

I will end my nearly week-long house arrest tomorrow at 5:30AM when I leave for work and where I will continue to work everyday this week except Wednesday. I may die but at least I will be moving again. I figure all my house lounging is preparation for the long hours of work I'll have to put in as a T.A. next year (I already saw my schedule and it includes some Saturdays). Hoping the phantom malady disappears soon...

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