Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

So, last Saturday Scott and I went to the Forecastle Festival on the waterfront of Downtown Louisville. Despite my germaphobia, we had a really good time. Well, except for that one time we had to use the porta-potty in the dark. *Shudders.*

Beforehand, we had lunch at the new vegetarian restaurant near campus. The veggie fried rice and spring rolls were delicious!

I'm kind of a clean-cut goody two-shoes (or I try to be) but there's a side of me that's full of bohemian splendor. There were so many different walks of life at Forecastle, coming together to celebrate the things we all have in common: the necessity to feel rhythm, to feel like we are a part of something larger. It was like a mini-Woodstock except there were exceptionally less naked people. 

The last few days have been a whirlwind. It's amazing sometimes how love can pick up where it left off and somehow feel new and better. And you fit together like puzzle pieces. The heart is a curious organ but it always leads you home. 

Scott and I went to McAlister's yesterday before we went to see Moonrise Kingdom. It was so good! I really loved Sam and Suzy. It was such a bizarre story and the setting felt like it took me somewhere my imagination could never lead me, which in my opinion is a sign of a really good novel or film. Makes me want to catch up on some of Wes Anderson's older films!

We also decided to start a little book club because of all the new movies coming out that look really good! I remember reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower in high school but I was somehow convinced that it was over-hyped. But seeing the movie trailer with Emma Watson makes me really curious because I kind of like her a LOT. She's the face of Burberry for crying out loud. Scott has wanted me to read The Hobbit forever because it's his favorite book and the movie is coming out. Seems like no better time than now! 

Oh and the henna. If you can't find henna at Forecastle, then you just suck it up, go to Barnes & Noble, and buy yourself a kit. Boom. 

(Can't wait to rock an ankle and wrist tattoo).


  1. I loved Moonrise Kingdom, such a magical film. Really looking forward to seeing the new film with Emma Watson too, I do like her a lot. Hope you're having a great week x

  2. i still havent seen moonrise, i think im the only person :( loving the dress is these pics, gorgeous!

  3. thanks! and by all means, check out moonrise kingdom whenever you can :)