Monday, July 2, 2012

Fashion & Function

So, today I became the proud owner of an iPhone 4s. I've wanted one since about whenever they came out but I knew it would be senseless to throw money away every month that I certainly didn't have for a data plan. But thanks to my T.A. stipend arriving in August, I can now afford it!

I'm in awe. I love having basically a phone and an iPod all in one. I'm also so excited to use Instagram after seeing so many other bloggers feature Instagram pics that look so professional having come from a phone. And of course, I've asked Siri some inappropriate questions already.

Now, I'm faced with finding an aesthetically pleasing case that will also like, you know, protect the phone that's covered in glass. I'm sort of OCD so I ordered three different cases to see how they work with the intention of sending the other two back that I don't like.

I ended up purchasing the protection plan but I have a month to cancel if I end up having buyer's remorse. Anyone with iPhones can you tell me if you have the monthly protection plan, is it a waste of money, or did it really come in handy? I take pretty good care of my electronics but I've been known to drop things at times.

Any suggestions for cases? The mint case is so lovely and minty and tactile but perhaps the least protective. The Amy Sia design case is a hardcover, providing more protection but of course, not as much as the almighty Otterbox. My dad has an Otterbox and he says he doesn't use the protection plan because the Otterbox absorbs shock so well that he can drop his phone as many times as he wants and it won't break.

Oh, the perils of being at war with fashion and function.

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  1. The Amy Sia design is my fave, it's so pretty. I don't have a protection plan, but mine got stolen about a year ago and I had to fork out for a brand new one which was pretty painful, Wish I'd got the insurance!