Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today my mother told me that a telly program said that if you end a relationship out of boredom, you're really just bored with yourself. And yes, I just said telly because I wish I were British.

But seriously. I thought about it for awhile and I couldn't wrap my head around it. Who could've said such a quandary of a phrase? A relationship is sort of like 1 + 1 = 2. So obviously if you're bored with 2, then part of that must stem from one of the 1's. But if you were being adequately challenged by a significant other, wouldn't that excite you? Wouldn't it make it all worth staying? Or is it really just that you're so tired of yourself that you can't stand the thought of being around another person. Is that out of fear that your boring-ness will rub off on others? Is it just too embarrassing to face?

And what's not to say that your boredom will ever disappear? Are you doomed to an eternity of solitude because of it? Or is the theory in question, really just a bunch of bullshit, said by some person who hoped it would make them sound pensive and worldly?

My money's on the latter.