Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Reading List

For those of you who are interested, last year I made a summer reading list to keep track of what I've read for leisure. The link for last year's post is right here. This summer was sort of slow on the reading front but I'm sure I'll more than make up for it this semester...


I'd been wanting to read The Help ever since I saw (and loved) the film. I typically read books before I see movie adaptations but this was an exception. I didn't mind! It was nice to see the book go further than what the movie covered and I felt like I was left with a greater sense of confliction when I was finished reading--and I think great books do that. They make you feel something. Sometimes that leaves you unsettled and unresolved but then again, that's life.

Drop Dead Healthy was an interesting read. I like Jacobs' witty style and no-hold's-barred attempt to become the most fit in every aspect of his life, body, and mind. It read to me a bit more like a memoir rather than a how-to, which I was sort of expecting, but nonetheless it was an entertaining read.

Mailed to me from Oregon from my favorite professor, The London Scene was an unexpected delight. London and Virginia Woolf are like my two favorite things in the world. Combine them and you have a book that I will read in one sitting. The six essays in this collection are from magazine articles detailing London life by Woolf. It's a wonderful book for anyone who would love to compare early nineteenth century London to today (and just how much hasn't changed) or anyone who just loves the lyrical prose of Woolf.

I finally made it through the fourth Harry Potter book! I'm halfway done with the series! (And sort of embarrassed I couldn't commit to finishing the series this summer but alas...) So far, this is my favorite of the series because of the dark twists and turns. In the first three books, something big happened, but it all got resolved in the end. The Goblet of Fire leaves things wide open and I like knowing that things are never going to be quite safe (at least at Hogwarts).

I'd read The Perks of Being a Wallflower in high school but really just didn't take to it. I thought Charlie cried too much and that bothered me. I revisited it however since the trailer for the movie with Emma Watson came out. It was better the second time around, but still really cryptic, and Charlie really does just cry way more than any menstruating female watching The Notebook. But anyway, there are little gems of phrases here and there which make it worthwhile. 

The Minimalist Woman's Guide to Having it All was an e-book I purchased for $0.99! I gravitate towards a simple lifestyle in which you are only surrounded by things you find beautiful, things you love, or things you actually need and use. My style follows these principles quite a bit as I've realized I follow a simple/classic wardrobe built around neutrals. I just love wearing all beige. I don't know why. I'm weird. Anyway, Meg Woolfe is wonderful and has a really great Minimalist lifestyle blog here. There are a lot of helpful tips that can help you get rid of clutter that you've been holding on to out of guilt or "that one day."

I've also read bits and pieces of other things here and there... (I promise, I do read quite a bit more than it seems!)

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