Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stay True

Today was my writing center orientation, my final orientation before the semester starts. I met so many great people and I'm excited to be working with them this year! Everyone is so friendly and we are all passionate about writing so it's kind of like getting a bunch of nerds together for a super-helpful convention. I have my own shelf and mailbox in the tutors' office... and that feels really cool. 

Oh, the iPhone mirror picture. Why do I keep taking these?

I'm super excited to start consulting in a few weeks and updating the Writing Center Facebook page and blog. The blog can be found here and the Facebook page is here. Like if you go to UofL, have gone to UofL, or just really like writing centers. There are always posts about tips for writers!

I was really excited about my bow clip today. Because I'm overly girly.

I have a couple more episodes of Breaking Bad to catch up on before Sunday, I finally got the rest of the yarn I ordered in the mail today (so I can finish my mustard scarf), went grocery shopping so I can pack my lunch for school, so all I really have left to do is wash my sheets. Julie and I are going to hang on Sunday because we've hung out the day before school starts every August since we met. It's just tradition and totally allows us to unwind and let out that big breath before the big semester starts. 

Also! A shout-out to Siobhan of Hello Flower for sending me an amazing list of albums to check out since August is one of my favorite times to start hoarding music. So far, I've really been digging James Yorkston, Fiona Apple's newest album (oh how I love Fiona!), Admiral Fallow and Beth Orton. I can't wait to see what else lies ahead! Thanks girl!

Stay true to yourselves.

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