Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bring on the Stress

My spring break has been jam-packed. I haven't had much rest, as I've still been getting up early while working at night. Luckily, I haven't had the stress of my studies and impending homework, projects, papers, and tests but it's all piled up.

Friday & Saturday: Spent recovering from the past week with my boyfriend. Our weekends typically consist of:

Sunday: Went to lunch at Panera and to see Alice in Wonderland 3D with my friend Julie!

Monday: Stayed up until 4 AM obsessing over the newfound wonder of blogging and slept in the rest of the day. Cold and stormy out.

Tuesday: Went to an art museum with my boyfriend but found out it closed 10 minutes before we got there. Went to Red Robin and snugged (not a typo) at home watching Ghost Hunters.

Wednesday: Spent the day out with my friends Sarah and Lauren. We partook in giant snickerdoodle cookies, window shopping, and finished with Gilmore Girl-esque conversation at Qdoba. Helped my mother organize her closet. Cut my head open on a metal can at work. Doing fine, but it's awkward putting antibiotic cream on your hair.

Thursday: Got my oil changed, got a haircut, pedicure, shopped until I about dropped, had lunch at an Italian restaurant with my mother. We got friendship bracelets and dyed our hair (first time for me!) It was a Lorelai-Rory kind of day.

Friday: Went back to the art museum and was amazed by the pieces from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Also, made fun of pieces of cardboard put together and hung up in the Modern Art section. Went to O'Charley's then to Target for candy and movies with my boyfriend. Finished with a night at his partaking in our Target buys. Received email informing me that I missed the group meeting that I set up at noon for my Spanish class. Began hyperventilating.

Upcoming Saturday & Sunday: Immense stress and making up for my out-of-character laziness.

I love spring break. I really do. But there's something about the impending doom that makes it less enjoyable. I felt so frivolous but I just went with every whim of it! Now I've inconvenienced three people from my classes. I can't rest knowing I did that.

Sometimes I put unnecessary stress on myself but it's only because I want to succeed. This upcoming stress is necessary because it doesn't only affect me. There are five more weeks of school left and this stress is just a part of...

My English Life.


  1. Could not agree more about the impending doom. Delaying all the homework till the night before you go back is exactly what I did and it was hell.

    Oh and Red Vines don't compare to the only licorice candy that deserves to be eaten: Twizzlers. :)

  2. Nay! Red Vines are far superior! And I have no idea where to even begin on homework... hence my presence here. Bleck.