Friday, March 26, 2010

White Blank Page

First and foremost...

... aren't we cute?

This week has been pretty darn productive. A recap, you ask? Why sure, I guess I can oblige...

Monday: Studied like a maniac for my history test.

Tuesday: Took aforementioned maniac test. Began to furiously write my English paper about art's status in Victorian era literature. I could barely limit myself to a page solely about Robert Browning. Dinah Maria Mulock and Christina Rosetti made their appearance as well.

Wednesday: Finished the last few pages of my paper. Unfortunately ran out of time to actually study for my English test the next day.

Thursday: Encountered a really bad wreck on the way home from work in which I sat in traffic for an hour. Three hours of sleep and ready to take an exam I hadn't studied for!

Friday: Met with a group of people in my Spanish class to discuss our project presentation Monday.

Amidst all of the arbitrary schoolwork which took up the majority of my thoughts this week, I did have other quite wonderful insights:

1. I thought my new conditioner was Old Spice-scented. Turns out it was just rosemary and mint.

2. My friend Julie and I have a guilty obsession. After our minds turn to goo after writing approximately seven pages worth of analysis for our English tests, we partake in the wonder that is...

3. I encourage everyone to check Mumford & Sons out. They are a new British band with a slightly Irish sound. I would love them even if their lyrics weren't profound just because of their beautiful melodies. But lo and behold, their lyrics are wonderful too! Here is Rolling Stone's review:

If Dexys Midnight Runners aged into boozy pub-session romantics, they might sound like Mumford and Sons, a banjo-pickin', waltz-grindin' English folk-rock quartet. Marcus Mumford sings of London lonely-hearts on "Winter Winds" with words like "pestilence" and "plague" — loverman, where could you be? Yet Mumford's desperation, elevated in TNT dynamics, can be thrilling: These guys turn the mea culpa "I really fucked it up this time/Didn't I, my dear?" into a pint-sloshing refrain. The band members are only twentysomethings — imagine the rousing heartbreak ahead.

Their key tracks for me are:
"Winter Winds"
"White Blank Page"
"Dustbowl Dance"

You can check out the video for "Winter Winds" on my right sidebar, if you hadn't noticed it playing already. I love the images of the chair being dragged through the meadow with the sun setting through the reeds. And the addition of four Englishmen trouncing about in three-piece suits makes me absolutely giddy.

So, Wednesday it was 70 degrees here and fabulous.

But then, at work
last night a tsunami happened.

And then it started to snow.

A guy on my crew, whom I will refer to as "B" asked everyone why they were wearing gloves because it was March. Apparently, to him wearing gloves in March is like wearing white after Labor Day. It was unfortunate that the temperature dropped to 30 degrees and wind speeds were enough to lift a house from Kansas all the way to Oz. After "B" bundled himself up outdoors with his hands stuffed in his pockets, we all inquired as to where his gloves were because his hands looked pretty cold.

I recently asked my boyfriend, Frank, if he thought I'd changed lately. He said, "Yeah, I think you have. You've finally stopped worrying about what people think and have just been yourself." This made me feel better because I have a tendency to bend to other peoples' expectations. Lately, I've laid down my opinions, taken command in school situations, changed my hair color for the first time, and bought headbands with big bows on them. I've never been happier! Sometimes even small change can inspire great things in your life.

For now, I await my second English test grade and hope for the best so Julie and I can celebrate with Hot Fudge Sundae pop-tarts again.

And of course, I plan to enjoy a slight break from...

My English Life.


  1. So you need to help me out. How do you get the music and wallpapers onto your blog? I want to do that but I'm pretty dumb when it comes that type of stuff. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    The wacky weather thing has been happening here in Springfield as well. One day it's mid 70's and clear skies. Next day, mid 30's and pouring. Today mid 60's and beautiful. I'm so confused on what I should be wearing each day lol.

    And the Hot Fudge Pop Tarts are good but I have been addicted to the Apple Strudel ones. Those warmed up with milk is heaven!

  2. Okay, for the music I went to You can make a playlist and set up whatever format you want it to show up as. It's pretty easy once you get to the site. Then you copy the code it gives you once you create and go to the 'Customize' tab on this blog account and click 'Add Gadget' on the right hand side. A list of options will come up and you will want to click 'Add HTML.' Then you paste the code under the Content and you can drag it where ever you want it to show up on your profile from there.

    For the background I went to Their backgrounds are all pretty girly though so you might want to do a search for more masculine designs. If I find anything, I'll send the info your way!

    Apple strudel pop tarts are pretty delicious but aren't all pop tarts? I had a revelation today. Sometime I am going to purchase every flavor of pop tarts and eat one of each. Of course, I will have to have been starved for a few weeks for this to actually be feasible but it's a dream anyway. I can never decide which pop tarts to get and this just solves that problem! Mmm blueberry, cherry, cinnamon sugar, hot fudge sundae, smores, apple strudel....

    Did you know they had an orange creme pop tart out this summer? I was like ewww... but my dad got them and a friend of mine came to visit from out of state, tried them, and loved them. So I tried them... amazing. They can make anything good in a pop tart.