Friday, January 7, 2011

Road Trip

I wanna take a road trip.
And I want a road map that somewhere along the way I misread.
And I want the driver to get really upset about this.
But then we end up someplace unexpectedly spectacular.
Like this:

Or this:
Then we'll eat delicious diner food that will later make our stomachs growl uncomfortably loud. Damn grease.
We'll probably make some mistakes.
Take some wrong turns.
Come dangerously close to running out of gas.
Meet local people that tug at our hearts.
And probably encounter others that make us lock our doors just in case.

We'll take pictures.
Buy strange knick-knacks.
Yell at one another for changing the radio station.
And when we get home, we will have learned something.
No one knows what that something is.
But we'll feel it.

The open road does that to you.
It inspires you to be different.
To love strangers as if you've known them for years.
To strive for more than mere adequacy.
To consider these moments essential to life.

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