Saturday, September 1, 2012


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Even though sometimes I feel like there is not enough coffee in the world to cure the tired that I feel on Wednesdays and Thursdays, grad school just keeps getting better and better. They always say that college is supposed to be the best time of your life but I don't think I ever really felt seriously about it until now. I'm so privileged to be paid to do the one thing in life that never fails to make me happy with some of the brightest and wittiest people I have ever met. You would think there would be some ego trips in a group of Master's students, but we're all just normal people who like to laugh and talk about British TV, The Office, Parks & Rec, Freud jokes, and the wonder of Modcloth (the boys not so much on that one). 

Amy says that I have a pretty good collection of work wear. I've had quite a few things for awhile and have slowly been adding tops, sweaters, and dresses through the summer. I was even told by someone who saw me for the first time on campus, "You look like a teacher!" And I just smiled and said, "I'm trying." 

I love Thursdays even though my mind is basically slush by that time. Julie and I get lunch and my writing center comrades and I all have two hours together to get dinner before our night class. We had Asian last week, Qdoba this week, and it'll be pizza next week. It's strange to throw a group of us together and have us all work so well with one another.

Yesterday I went for sushi and we decided to try the Alaska roll, tempura roll with eel, caterpillar roll, and of course, the good old California roll. Had it not been for the prodding of my company, I don't think I would have been so brave but I basically just tied the napkin 'round my neck and dug in. :)

Julie introduced me to a band that really just makes my heart smile, called Jukebox the Ghost. They played at the Waterfront this Wednesday and a couple of my writing center buddies went and liked them. They were Rachel's favorite band and they dedicated a song to her. :) I wish I could've gone but I had more work than I ever thought was possible to make it through in one night. 

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And to all the true Whovians out there, allons-y!


  1. Oh my... that sushi looks freakin amazing. Yum!! And I adore the colour combo in your outfit too, absolutely gorgeous!! Hope your weekend is lovely, girly!! xo V