Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quoth the Raven

{dress: target/belt: forever 21/ridiculous boots not included}

I don't know if this picture says it enough, but I had a pretty good start to my weekend. My parents took me to Shalimar to partake in some yummy Indian cuisine. We ended up stopping into the Shoe Carnival where I found these ridiculous boots that beckoned I try them on. 

We also stopped in at The Dollar Tree where I found a Poe-esque black crow, a plastic skull that I admittedly grasped in my out-raised hand, saying, "Do be or not to be...," and some other ridiculous Halloween decorations like "butcher's organs" which look like slabs of meat, except they are plastic organs covered in fake blood. Leave it to The Dollar Tree to keep things classy. 

Later that night I met (most of) my writing center buddies at Howl at the Moon on 4th Street. I spent a bit of time at Amy and Ben's charming old house before we took off for the night. We all had a few drinks, some free food, played cornhole, talked and laughed. This was the first time we've all met outside of school in a social setting. If only the night had lasted longer...

Aside from that, I'm just laboring through some interesting (albeit repetitive and therefore highly avoidable) articles for my film class Monday, getting excited to watch Dr. Who in less than an hour, and awaiting some of the things I ordered online as a treat to myself for my birthday. Oh Modcloth, how I love thee. 

Scott (the young man in plaid in front) and I will be celebrating our birthdays next weekend! His is the 14th and mine the 15th. Here's to approaching getting another year older...

Until then, enjoy your weekend and don't work too hard!