Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

 Yesterday I busted out my colored jeans, black and white striped peplum top, and my mary-jane ballet flats. Man, I liked this outfit. I felt comfortable and cool all at once. That hardly ever happens. 

Here's the view from one of "my" offices. It's actually my professor's office but I spend quite a bit of my time in here towards the beginning of the week. How could you not love going to work? Look how pretty those books look on the shelves. 

 Today I got to bust out my Office shirt. If you've never seen this episode, please consider yourself deprived and look it up immediately! 

This evening, one of my writing center buddies, Amy, and I attended our first session of the GTA Academy. Basically, the sessions are supposed to provide teaching assistants practical skills to apply in the classroom. They provided dinner which were sandwiches of the most delectable variety, chips, cookies, etc. I ended up having two wraps and taking three with me. (Lunch tomorrow and Thursday!) Gluttony? Nah. College life.

On our break, I had to go outside because I was getting goose-pimpled. I ran back inside for my phone so I could snap a picture to capture this moment in time. The weather was perfect: high 70's, light breeze, bright sun. And the setting just called for a photo op. I'll never forget how I felt this day. 

I finally gathered enough courage to wear socks and oxfords. I like it. Just maybe with a different outfit... 

Anyway, keep it real, treat yo self, and make it through the week, baby.

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