Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life via Instagram

When I came into the consultant's office last Thursday, there was a birthday card signed by everyone in the writing center and this amazing cake that Katelyn made! Red velvet and cream cheese is my favorite! I also got to have lunch with Julie who got me some really awesome jewelry, a Jukebox the Ghost CD, and my own personal slice of red velvet!

This weekend, my parents made fall cupcakes to celebrate Jet's and my birthdays. He was born in September in Missouri just like me!

I was supposed to meet up with my writing center friends Friday but I felt like I was literally developing mono so I opted to stay in and sleep. I slept half of Saturday and then started on homework. Luckily by Sunday I was feeling better and able to go out for sushi. I tried a few more rolls I've never had before. My sushi palette just keeps expanding!

It was rainy today and my windshield wiper decided to fly off my car today so that was fun. I had problems with the technology in Dr. Henke's room, which is my sole responsibility so I felt like a buffoon. Luckily I was wearing the earrings Julie got me for my birthday and I got to play around with Oregon Trail 2 before my 7 o'clock class. Scott and I have decided we are going to instate "Oregon Trail Mondays." There might be wine involved. Or just jugs with 'X' on them.

The thing about grad school is that you're busy 24/7... but it's awesome.

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