Sunday, August 15, 2010


After having read the book by Ian McEwan and having it easily become a favorite, I felt as if I owed it to myself to see the movie, Atonement. The film was a beautiful representation of the novel and the imagery was almost exactly how I had imagined it. The only things that surprised me were the appearances of certain characters and of all things, the wallpaper. I absolutely love the concept of this story that it makes my heart ache!

There's just something so tragic about premature love lost. Cecilia (Keira Knightley) and Robbie (James McAvoy) realize they love one another after having known one another for years and never speaking. Their acts of affection are misinterpreted by Cecilia's younger sister Briony, and this causes a chain of events that sends Robbie to prison and away from Cecilia. They again become separated by war and Briony spends her whole life wishing she could take back her mistake. 

I started out liking Briony, then hated her, then felt sorry for her. As terrible as she feels, she is never truly able to atone for her sins. Cecilia and Robbie are never able to have their happiness together in this life. So sad...

But on the bright side, James McAvoy is definitely one of the most attractive people I have ever seen. And he's Scottish! I'm Scottish! So obviously, we have a lot in common.

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