Friday, August 20, 2010


Once things settle to a point of comfort they are bound to change. I have constructed a fail-proof exercise plan, have been eating the healthiest I have in years, have spent one of the best weeks-and-a-half with my family, modified my sleep schedule, and generally found happiness. 

Now school is about to start...

I won't be able to jog in the morning, when the air is the most refreshing. Family time will be a lot more limited. Surrounded by unhealthy choices and stress may lead to unhealthy noshing and let's not even get started on the sleep schedule.

I am however optimistic. I am taking larger steps towards my future as a whole. Each night I clock out at work, I am one day closer to quitting and leaving college debt-free. Each day I wake up and painfully go to class when I least feel like it, I am putting in my time to receive a glorified piece of paper that will earn me significant amounts of money in the future.

So I embrace this change. There is more joy here than complaint. I am in fact, surrounded by the best company. And that's truly worth keeping the same in an otherwise time of transition.

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