Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Around Campus

This Friday was the University Honors Convocation, so in addition to picking up my honors medal, cords, cap, and gown, I utilized the opportunity for a photo shoot! If you ever go to UofL, get in the honors program so you can work with Luke Buckman (above)! He won't steer you wrong.

Yeah, that's right. We've got the first and only cast-sculpture of Rodin's The Thinker, which can originally be found in Paris. The sculpture was first on display at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair. The University of Louisville decided to purchase the Thinker cast and built their campus on swampland instead of purchasing the more expensive land where Bellarmine University sits. 

I feel sort of like Rory when she gives that tour to a prospective student and she points out all the historical facts but all the girl wants to know about is partying and boys. 

So that sculpture in the first picture is in front of the library. It makes me cold every time I walk by it in the wintertime. Apparently, it was once naked but some prude students threw a fit and the university had a swimsuit painted on it. Not sure if that's true or not. Also, the picture of Suzette A. Henke is my idol and I'll be working for her next year as the Morton Chair assistant! My mom said one day I'd have my face on a banner like that. I can only dream.

This is where the magic happens.

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