Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just Like Rory

At 10AM, May 12, 2012 the KFC Yum! Center hosted the graduation for the class of 2012.

Sometimes I expect graduation to be like one of those poignant moments when a class speaker says something that strikes your heart so fiercely that you carry it with you for a lifetime; or you say goodbye to people who have shaped you; or maybe you are bestowed some sort of honor that changes your life forever. In some respect, all of this is true. But I guess it didn't take a university commencement for me to realize my poignant moments. The times respected professors have pulled for my success, written me letters of recommendation, called me their "protege," and complimented my ideas are the moments I see a future shining ahead. 

When I walked across the stage, I stuck my tongue out at the audience a la Rory in Gilmore Girls. My friend Sarah sent me a text saying, "I saw you pull a Rory as you walked across the stage." I responded with, "I felt the need to pay homage to my fictional inspiration." And she responded, "You paid it well."

Except I probably looked more like this...

Well, we can't all be perfect, now can we.

In all seriousness, you never know how you're going to turn out after college. It really changes you and hopefully for the better. I think about the sharing of poetry and music my freshman year, learning to deal with a broken heart and trusting my instincts, to keep pushing no matter how bad things got, giving my opinion even when I know it's unpopular, learning not to take myself or my professors too seriously (especially if they wear bow ties and argyle socks), and giving back to humanity in any way possible. 

The university certainly doesn't seem so big and scary anymore. Seeing people in their Master's hoods and being hooded for Ph.Ds gave my heart a sense of longing. I don't want to give this dream up. I saw their success and I knew how unfulfilled I would feel if it were something I didn't try. 

So, at least for the time being, I've signed onto another two-year journey and will hopefully reap the benefits it will bestow. I can only get out of it what I put in, so I want to go above and beyond the call of duty and be happy doing it. 

Cheers, Yum! Center. See you in 2014.

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