Friday, May 18, 2012

Musical Obsessions

Key Tracks:
Disparate Youth--Santigold
The Lion's Roar--First Aid Kit
Love Interruption--Jack White

Santigold is kind of like M.I.A. 2.0. She's funky, fresh, and funkyfresh. I can't help but want to dance with arms flailing freely. First Aid Kit is two Swedish sisters who sound like they live in the backwoods of South Carolina strumming on the strings. They are so mellow and contemplative. Jack White is so strange and Edgar Allan Poe-y and his melodies are just so hauntingly beautiful. I just wish I could jam with him one day. 

And of course...

You can't make talent like that... you're just born with it. Phillip just keeps it real and even when Tommy Hilfiger tells him he needs to start dressing better, he shows up the next performance in a t-shirt and jeans. He had me at his very first audition of "Thriller" and I thought to myself, "I want that guy to win. I hope he makes it." I've never followed an American Idol contestant this closely EVER. Last year I didn't even watch it. And here he is in the final! Jessica Sanchez has got a set of lungs herself--and at age 16! But I really, really love Phillip. 

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