Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tassel Anticipation

This pic is of me from last Saturday after Scott's family's Derby party. I was feeling pretty classy in a simple black dress, coral necklace, and turquoise ring. What looks better in summer than coral and turquoise?

{dress & jacket: ae//jewelry: kohl's}

Sorry I've been on another blog hiatus but it seems like there's something about your last semester in college that kicks your butt in gear. You don't have anymore classes ahead or semesters to cushion your GPA. Thus, I spent most of my time doing a ridiculous amount of writing, reasoning, sleeping, working, and watching The Office and Downton Abbey for relief.

After a 41-page paper in my ridiculous history teacher's class, which was a 300-level, non-writing focused courses, I got an A. An almost impossible feat from RateMyProfessor.com's worst-ranked teacher EVER.

I'm trying to finish up cleaning our house to the bare bones, top to bottom. Both sets of grandparents are coming into town for my graduation in two days... which I imagine will infold something like Christmas Vacation of Sixteen Candles. Which by the way, if you've never seen them, go make your life better by renting them.

I'm looking forward to flipping that tassel so I can finally just say, "I graduated." 

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