Sunday, May 20, 2012


I don't normally gush. I'm not a gushy person. I sometimes fangirl. But it's usually for people I will never meet.

This was one of the most tender moments of my life. Scott was teaching my dad how to play "Free Fallin" on guitar. Today Scott was teaching me how to play guitar since it's on my bucket list. I've got a ways to go but taking a break to see Scott spend time with my dad like this just... I don't know... melted my heart. 

 It reminded me of the time he took care of me when I was too sick to move after my kidney stone surgery and how he fed my dog when he was acting super ridiculous. Scott got down on the floor and petted his head until Jet trusted him enough to eat out of his hand. Scott never lost his patience but just kept taking his time. People like that will good with kids.

I can be overbearing and selfish and stubborn and can really just want things to go my way but Scott sees through all of that and takes me for the Virginia Woolf-loving fool that I am. He knows about Clive and Vanessa Bell and Angelica and David Garnett and Duncan Grant. And all these other people that no one knows about but me. I realize that he takes care of me in ways that I am unable to return the favor. But I hope he knows that I love him very much and that it makes me cry in that oh-my-gosh-he's-such-a-good-person-I-don't deserve-him kind of way. 

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