Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not the Only One

 What a week it has been leading up to fall break... except for me it's not quite fall break until tomorrow at 1:50 when my French class is over. A recap you ask? 

Monday was so cold but the hot soup at McAlister's helped.

Tuesday we worked on a collaborative class project called "Lyrical Big Mac" in which we separately wrote a poem about one of the juicy burger's ingredients. Then we came together to share and create anew.

Wednesday... who cares?

Today it was finally warm again! Thank you schizophrenic weather of the south! I drove to class with my windows rolled down, I didn't have to wear socks, and life is just better when you're not obligated to wear socks. I decided that red is not the best color to wear to my Latin American Cultures class because I was like a flaming target to be called on today. No me gusta eso. But there were some churros left over from the Spanish Club celebration in the building beforehand so noshing occurred.

For once this whole week I haven't had to come home and rush to get homework done before taking off to work. What an excellent segue...

My new start time at work has been wonderful to me. I get 6 hours of sleep now which is exactly what I need to function, no less. It's hilarious to see the difference between Lauren on 5 and half hours of sleep and 6. Huge deal. I feel like I do a lot less work, especially the menial stuff, and my crew doesn't seem to contain any murderers. I feel so much more attentive and alive in class and I don't have to nap before going to work. It's been so nice.

I got a call from my ex-summer fling, but he didn't leave a message. Curious? Whatever.

What have I been obsessed with lately besides feeling awesome and rested?

I don't care what anyone says, I cannot wait for October 26 for the whole album to be released. But in the meantime I have the singles...

I ordered this makeup palette from Sephora and got it in the mail yesterday... so excited.

I have been using Bath & Body Work's Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin body splash, lotion, and soap. Mmm, fall.

I'm hopefully going to my local orchard/winery/restaurant/corn maze this Tuesday to top off fall break. I can't wait for deliciously bad-for-me food, getting lost in the maze, and enjoying the 85 degree weather that is indeed, uncharacteristic of fall.

And also I have to prepare a 6-8 page case study and study for a test in a class that I can hardly follow while I'm sitting in it. Shall be delightful. But in the meantime...

Love should be...
" memory of barbaric customs."

And everyone's life soundtrack should include John Lennon's "Imagine." The end.

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