Friday, October 22, 2010


Though it's been a fairly good week, I'm glad its end is here. My mom and I went shopping yesterday and I found the perfect leather motorcycle jacket and floral dress.

 Yes, from the Lauren Conrad collection. I am a LAME-O.

I ended up getting an A on that Spanish midterm of doom... much to my surprise and dismay, others in class, who are more intelligent-sounding when they speak than I, did not do well at all.

Today Julie and I went to California Pizza Kitchen, perused the mall, tried on Victoria's Secret makeup, ended up finding "the perfect red" lipstick (for the first time ever in our lives), and got cookie cake.

It's not hard to feel good about yourself around Julie. "We love all the same things and hate the same people. That's when you know you're friends," she said.

Check out that sexy vest. Oh and my face. 
I don't know if you can see in the picture, but my nails are dark blue. I painted them from a sample bottle of nail polish at Victoria's Secret. "I can't believe I'm polishing my nails for free!" I said, and the wand dipped heavily to coat my right ring finger with navy polish. "This is God's way of saying I have to pay somehow."

I am optimistic for this weekend.

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