Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Modern Dog

Virginia Woolf said that you should write everyday, no matter how uneventful it seems; because something significant always happens.

I'm pretty sure she was right.

I got up today hoping to do homework and maybe watch I Know What You Did Last Summer because hello, JLH is in it and it's the only Halloween movie I hadn't seen yet.

But instead, as soon as I crack open my book, the heater guy comes. We haven't been able to turn the heat on in our house lately, which has sucked because it's been literally freezing out, and when I come home in the morning after working outside all night, the last thing I want is to sleep in an icebox.

My dog, Jet, started twirling to go outside and I usually just escort him out the door but I decided to pick him up this time. Under his left leg, by his shoulder where his harness lies, I felt a sticky brown goo. I looked down and realized his harness had sliced a one-inch thick gash into his little puppy skin and it was badly infected. My dad and I put him in the tub, tried to wash him and disinfect the area. But we knew we were going to have to take him to the Puppy ER.

So we wait for the heater to get fixed (yes, warmth!) and load up in the car to the 24-hour animal hospital. We found out Jet is a little overweight, thanks to my mother's feeding him scraps from the table, he has an ear infection, and of course, an infected wound. He got some pain meds, medicine to treat the wound, and he got stapled up. The vet said if he became more infected, we have to take him back for $600 surgery that cuts out the infected skin and utilizes actual stitches. We're hoping that doesn't happen...

So now we're home and nursing our wounded puppy back to health. The nurse called him "stoic" because he didn't cry when he got stapled back up. I'm pretty proud of the little slug.

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