Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly Obsessions

For the sake of happiness and pictures:

It's a total cheese-ball movie but I love it. It's been on my mind a lot. The characters are transported through Prague, Venice, Berlin, mainly by train. It has inspired me and I hope to do the same one day! Plus, cute British boys in movies lighten any bad mood for me. I love the soundtrack, lots of foreign pop.

My friend Sarah introduced me to some new music that I very much love. The Swell Season + Brooks Ritter. I can't stop listening to "Low Rising" by the Swell Season and Brooks Ritter's "Horse Fell Lame." It's all good but these are the songs that get stuck in my head most. 
Also, "Oscar Wilde" by Company of Thieves. It sounds like such a throwback. It's so refreshing.

"The Seed" by The Roots has such a good sound but I think the lyrics actually mean explicitly what they say. Which is gross. But I like the song anyway.

And for the bored:
"Stop the Rock" -Apollo 440
"Vivi Daverro" -Giorgia
"You're Free" -Yomanda
"Wide Open Space" -Mansun
"Who Needs Shelter" -Jason Mraz
all from the Chasing Liberty soundtrack

Ashamed to admit it, but I have already finished reading this book. There's something about Lauren Conrad that is so simple but always so put-together. I know she's completely been followed by drama, much of which, I'm sure she created herself, but man, she always looks good. 

Those are the obsessions this week!

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