Sunday, September 26, 2010


Sometimes weekends can be seemingly uneventful and that's what makes them so spectacular.


My beautiful friend Julie and I frequent McAlister's at least twice a week so a third time didn't seem ridiculous... The movie Easy A is easily a new favorite. It was so clever and adorable. I love Emma Stone. And Penn Badgley is hot! 


I'll admit, the scenery wasn't quite so beautiful on my fall jog with my dog, but you catch the drift. 


While reading Mrs. Dalloway, watching Please Don't Eat the Daisies, and cleaning my bedroom and bathroom, I've been filled with various thoughts, or might I say bombarded with them. I love the faces of black and white movies. So serious. Those old days when Hollywood was innocent, or at least presented a facade of being thus. I love ringlets and elbow-length gloves. 

I can't wait for Taylor Swift's album to release on October 26. 

And the final season of Ghost Whisperer on DVD + Sex and the City 2. 

There was a scene in Easy A that made my heart twinge in that special way that makes you recognize that some other person (or people) in the world understand something important to you. The main character Olive, goes through a list of 80's movies to describe how she wants love to be. 

She wants John Cusack to hold a boom box on his shoulders outside her window. (Say Anything).

She wants Jake to wait outside the church, leaned up against his red car for her. (Sixteen Candles).

She wants Judd Nelson pumping his fist in the air because he finally got someone. (Breakfast Club).

"But John Hughes didn't write my life," she says.

These movies have all but defined my life and every time I watch them, I think about my parents being the same age as the characters in them. And how they were young once and just newly falling in love. And I wonder how I would've been if I'd been a teenager in the 80's. If I would've had better luck because the guys just seemed better than they are now. They were rough around the edges maybe, but they actually got the girls they were into.

I want all of these moments and more. I want someone to want to know the weird things about me that make me tick. How I value cleanliness and have a bizarre sense of irony. That yes, damn it, I may live my life like it's a movie because I find truth from them, just like I find truth from books, and music, and God.

And I want someone who will play "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel and "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds to make me smile.

Life to me, is about the little moments. I don't expect grand gestures. I just want something little that says, "I get you." And that to me, will always be enough.

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