Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Love

I celebrated my birthday with the family last Thursday. We went to a buffet created by a Southern lady with a huge personality (and waistline, but let's not go there). The food was divine, we encountered some disgruntled elderly folk, and increased our own waistlines. I think I literally felt my dress getting smaller and it was harder to breathe in.

Afterwards we visited ... the casino. After a disappointing 15-or-so-minute run at the slot machines we left with lighter pockets and a questioning glances from strangers with booze in plastic cups with the little rings around the center. The windowless area was filled with cigarette and cigar smoke, which I can barely stand for too long and all I could think about was the effect of consumerism and how interesting it would be to write a thesis based around the logic of going to a casino. People had little plastic cards hanging out of these machines adorned with cherries and gold dollar signs and $200 credits. But why? Wouldn't you rather spend money and get something? Wouldn't you rather spend your time with real people instead of something that flashes and lights up when you put money into it?

We went home and laughed about my icecream cake topped with frozen strawberry sauce, running down the sides. It looked like a crime scene. My cake would have fared well with yellow caution tape around it, indicating hazardous conditions.

It was however, delicious. And the laughter that insued, priceless.

Aren't these carp ridiculously cute with their suction-cup mouths?
I love catfish, and this guy felt it from across the plate glass.
Fall thus far has been a feast for my senses. Albeit already facing the stresses of lack-of-sleep syndrome, I've taken time to slow down and capture nature in its pristine state, or something like it. I had a lovely belated birthday dinner with my friends Julie, Lauren, and Brad last Sunday at a local world cafe. Now it's back to the grind. 

Today, running on two hours of sleep and a 5-Hour-Energy I am awaiting my classes to start, as I have just completed a mock interview that is required to sign the contract that gets my tuition paid for. Yes, it's about 94 degrees out today and I am in a black blazer and skirt. Oh, and the heels! They're about three-inches too tall and makes my stride about a third of what it would be normally. But I look fly. 

So, Glee season 2 premieres tonight and I have to study for a French exam. But whatever, Glee is getting watched. 

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