Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Times Roll

Tomorrow is my twenty-first birthday. People keep asking me what my plans are and I can scarcely find the time or state-of-mind to answer. Yesterday I was awake for 23 hours straight and only slept for 3 and a half hours before waking up for today. 

After class, I discovered my front left tire flat in the parking lot. After frantically calling my dad to no avail I did the next best thing: called a guy friend. 

"Brad, you'll never guess what happened!"
"I came out to my car and the tire is totally flat and I tried calling my dad but I can't get ahold of him and I really just wanted to go home and do my homework and sleep but..."
"Do you want me to come?"
"No... you don't have to..."
"I'll be there in a few minutes."

After 45 minutes of trying to remove the world's most stubborn lugnuts, we threw in the towel and went to McDonald's. Since the beginning of the semester we had been talking about hanging out after school but had never gotten around to it. Albeit under unexpected and less than ideal circumstances, I feel like the cosmos were working to bring us together. I find that any car problem can be solved by taking yourself to eat. 

Brad and I got to catch up, he worried about my front tire that had a huge air bubble protruding, and I prepared myself for the 35-MPH drive home, complete with hazard lights and the persistent sound of a flat tire thumping around on the pavement. 

It turns out my front left tire contained a huge air bubble that cannot really be explained by natural science and the back left had a nail in it. Our neighborhood is under construction and apparently leaving nails in the streets is all the rage because this is the fourth tire on my car I have had to replace. Luckily my dad and I got to the automotive department 15 minutes before closing time to get them replaced before work tonight. 

So after having been up for nearly two days without rest, I don't much worry about what I'm doing for my birthday yet. I know I'm celebrating with my family this Thursday, possibly catching up with an old friend Saturday, and meeting for dinner with my best friends Sunday. Hopefully I'll get sleep, not fall too far behind in homework, and let the good times roll. 

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