Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Good Day

I feel like today will be a good day. With a belly full of breakfast and a cool morning to fall asleep, I will be thusly satisfied. Even though I was 8 minutes late to work and given an occurance and have realized the dirty laundry of others has been airing itself in my own front yard. On my own clothes line. Soiling my whites and sending me into despair. But have no fear, all is not lost. I have yet to cry over silted silk. 

I love you. An obstacle often faced after a long period of dating. I find it curious that someone would want to kiss somebody and then turn around and say these words to another as if they are the most natural things to come from a human being, like pupils dilating or breathing. A response to stimuli. A sign we are alive. Honesty and time tell tales on one another when they don't match up. 

A house with colors your old lover picked out, still lived in 2 years later. Every day are you reminded?

Today will be a good day.

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