Friday, September 10, 2010


There's something wordlessly comforting about an overcast day, McAlister's iced tea, listening to French rap from Diam's and MC Solaar, finding the world's most comfortable sweatpants for $5, and talking to my dad about vaccinations. 

"You have to keep up with those if you want to travel the world." And I do.

Most of my life has been lived in and out of cardboard boxes. I found it hard to imagine that I would ever truly feel at home. Lately it seems like each place I frequent is filled with memories, tiny gems, little movies that play in a "Ghost-of-Christmas-past" fashion, and I am present simply to watch. Certain tables suddenly become lit up with conversation, smiling faces, and obnoxiously loud laughter. Certain hallways and corners look vaguely welcoming in recompense for the relationships that didn't work out. As a friend once told me, if a place holds adverse memories, you just have to go back and make new ones.

I just find myself intrigued with what this city can bring for me: in terms of education, career, travel opportunity, a place of my own, a place to find someone I don't mind being companions with... It's been good to me so far. I am in the best place possible; home, the perfect place to find myself.

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