Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Best of 2011

Busy Bee Lauren gave me a great idea--A post on my favorite moments of 2011!

Getting harassed by middle schoolers on winter break; getting my foot run over with a 4,000+ pound container at UPS; starting a really amazing writing class with my bestie Julie. 

Writing a story that took me out of my comfort zone--which was relatively well received.

Spring break with Scott going fishing; a woman date with Julie; owning up to my not-so-awesome feelings and seeking help.

Just trying to make it through the semester...

Two weeks studying abroad in London! AKA the best two weeks of my life.

Blog hiatus. :(

Taking advantage of all the joy in my life; reviving the blog; trying red velvet ice cream with Julie; finally getting the GRE out of the way; starting my senior year as an undergrad.

Celebrating mine and Scott's birthdays!

Trying to channel Alexa Chung; spending time with Dr. Henke when she came to visit from Oregon; quitting UPS!!!

Anniversary roses from Scott; discovering my love for the poet Suzanne Buffam; laughing through creative writing at incoherent tales of ancient vampires with Julie.

Finally discovering what the chronic pain in my back is--and getting treatment; watching Dr. Who and eating pizza.

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  1. i bet your study abroad was amazing! great year recap!
    good luck with your back treatments!!!