Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reflections, Not Resolutions

As 2012 approaches, I'm sure the thought of resolutions has crossed everyone's minds. Resolutions are sort of scary. Resolutions (n). To resolve (v). I'd rather reflect.  

Reflections for the Upcoming Year 2012
  • Focus more on my diet--ever since this kidney stone debacle (and recently finding out I also have hydronephrosis) I've been terrified for my health. It's not life-threatening as it is but it could lead to kidney failure if not properly treated. A lot of the problem with kidney stones is based on diet and lifestyle. I just want to eat as healthfully as possible and avoid all the foods and drinks I can't have anymore (like my beloved McAlister's tea).
  • Try to eat more vegan/vegetarian based meals.
  • Start exercising consciously--I want to be in the best shape possible.
  • Cross off 4-5 things off my Bucket List
  • Update my blog and make more connections. Blogging has become a lifeline for me and I wish I could make it into something bigger that reaches out to more people. I love you all!
Sitting at home for weeks has given me a bit of a wake-up call. Never take your health for granted. You never know when you'll have to pee through a strainer and basically give birth to gravel. 

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