Saturday, November 19, 2011

"It is probably always disastrous not to be a poet."

Isn't Suzanne Buffam cute? Yes. And not only that, she is an incredible poet! Julie and I went to hear her read poetry with her husband, Srikanth Reddy, last Thursday evening in the Bingham Poetry Room. She is incredibly talented and inspired me to write my own poem for my creative writing workshop. Her 'list' style of poetry was honest, insightful, and funny. It made me realize that poetry is not just a thing that can't be changed or played with. Language is always evolving and it's up to us to keep it moving, keep it fresh. Anyway, just wanted to share this with you... I always find the best poets by going to readings at UofL. I'm so happy I didn't miss this one!

On Last Lines 

By Suzanne Buffam

 The last line should strike like a lover’s complaint.
You should never see it coming.
And you should never hear the end of it.

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