Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rec & Play

Today was just a really great day. It probably started with the euphoria of last night. Scott and I went for dinner and I basically let my child-like hunger take over. There were copious amounts of mozarella sticks, chicken tenders, and french fries. Then he came over for a homework date. The night just couldn't have been any more perfect.

The Style Quo
Tank: Old Navy
Sweater, Boots & Earrings: Kohl's
Jeans: AE
Necklace: J.Crew (sale) --Oh, how I love J.Crew. They are so expensive though!
Watch: Timex
Bracelet: From V&A Museum, London

Class seemed to breeze by today, all the rain stopped in time for me to be walking outdoors, it was warm, I had a delicious lunch & one of the best conversations I've ever had with my two favorite people in the whole entire world, work seemed to fly by, I got complimented on my necklace multiple times, and I just couldn't control my happiness! Nothing could bring me down today.

I also lightheartedly complained to a guy that works in the paint department that I couldn't 'cut' people at work... AKA I don't have a box cutter. He went to get one for me saying, 'It's unacceptable to not be able to cut people at work.' It was pretty much the highlight of my night. 

And for one of the happiest songs ever, click here. I was introduced to I'm From Barcelona in high school and they always make me happy. Ironically, they are from Sweden.

I've found myself longing for an English garden. One day I hope I have a house with a yard in which I can grow a traditional English garden, full of colorful flowers, statues, and a little white wire table. 

Since I'm basically obsessed with British culture and London in general, it would be lovely to have a piece of England in my backyard to remind me of all the wonderful time I spent in the countryside at Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell's homes. I'll never forgot that day as long as I live.

Thanksgiving is on it's way and I'm anxious to see my family and nosh on some delicious eats!

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