Monday, January 9, 2012

1 Broke Girl

Today was the first day of my last semester as an undergrad. I still find myself being very nervous and feeling like everyone in my class is older than me--though the odds are against them! Nevertheless, I can't help but think that people in class are cooler and smarter than me. But I'm determined to break out.
I love attention to detail so today I decided on a gypsy top and leather boots that say, "Why yes, I know how to speak Spanish fluently."
Forgive me here. I'm still learning how to use my camera. But I really wanted you to see my earrings!
The Style Quo
Top & Jeans: AE
Boots: Kohl's (sale)
Necklace: Online
Earrings: Target
Nail Polish: Nicole Rainbows in the S-Kylie

I feel like I have all this spare time right now that will soon be consumed by homework and freaking out over quizzes and tests. But I don't know what to do... thank goodness 2 Broke Girls comes on tonight. It makes me feel like I'm not alone! Also, I need some funnies. 

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