Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bloomsbury Scarves

{sweater, top & jeans: ae//watch: walmart//necklace:forever 21//scarf: from a bloomsbury street vendor/gift shop in london}

Today I had to get up early on what should have been my day to sleep in to... get an X-ray and ultrasound! Joyous, I know. I really can't wait for Friday to hear what type of kidney stones I had so I can take dietary precautions against getting them again.

I'm tired but really need to study. But I really just want to eat and watch TV. Where has my academic prowess gone?!

And this hair... I'm not sure about it. Is it a bit too flippy? Because believe me, I didn't do that. My hair was pretty much like doing it's own thang today. I don't know what to do with it...


  1. Love the scarf and the necklace. So pretty dear :)

  2. Definitely not too flippy! I think it's sassy and stylin' :-) You have such great taste in fashion! J'adore your top and think your entire outfit looks entirely sophisticated!

  3. I know that feeling when you actually don't want to study because your so tired X) and indeed just want to watch tv XD

    Lovely outfit, I adore that sweet necklace very much!