Sunday, January 8, 2012

What's a Sonic Screwdriver?

On Friday, Scott took me to my favorite sushi place, Osaka, for ginger salad, miso soup, and California roll! It's probably the first time I've gotten out of the house over break, besides my procedure and having my stent removed. 

The Style Quo
Tank: Old Navy
Necklace: Online
Top: AE, via gift card from Scott's folks!

We also stopped by the mall to see if FYE had a sonic screwdriver, like the one the 11th doctor uses on Doctor Who. So Scott asks, "Where are your sonic screwdrivers?" The guy leads us to an end cap and says, "If we have it, it would be here.... what's a sonic screwdriver?" He looked at me like I was one of the Ood or something. I basically blushed and ran away. They didn't have the screwdriver we were looking for, but they did have an overpriced Adipose doll. One day I will own one.
We finished up the night with Comfy Cow ice cream. Because the weather was lovely and reminded us of spring... and that was sort of depressing because winter term starts tomorrow. But on the bright side, I graduate when it's over! And that darned thesis of mine will have to be done by March.

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