Saturday, January 28, 2012

Windex Necessary

{sweater: kohl's//tank: sam's club//earrings: francesca's collection//jeans: ae//bag: target//moccasins: target ($5!)}

Looks like my mirror's a bit dirty... sorry. I just wanted to snap a couple quick pics after work so I could hurriedly take off my contacts, put on my PJ's, wash my face, and check my email, Facebook, etc. Does anyone else do that? Just drop your bag on the floor and start the bedtime process?

Mom and I went shopping yesterday and almost every single item we purchased was on sale. I'm still giddy with the deals I snagged. 

I have a ghastly 8-10 page paper to write tomorrow. The syllabus says to write a 5-page paper if you want a C. So I'm guessing the A-range is somewhere between 8-10. If the man wants to read a ton of pages, he's gonna get a ton of pages! Fool. 

Hope your weekends are going well!

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