Sunday, January 15, 2012

An Education

{sweater: j.crew//infinity scarf: ny&co//gloves: target//earrings: lauren conrad for kohl's online//jeans: ae//bag: h&m london, covent garden//boots: dsw}

So after having seen the outrageously brilliant film An Education with Carey Mulligan and Peter Sarsgaard, I decided I am in love with Jenny's style and cannot stop thinking about it. So here's my nod to early 1960's fashion.

 I've been having bouts of insomnia lately and it sucks because I really want to sleep! My eyes feel tired and dry but my mind keeps racing and I can't shut it off. To remedy the ickiness I felt I decided to finally watch the movie I knew I would fall in love with from the beginning.

Not only is the fashion to die for--the acting is incredibly real. This has become my new favorite movie! I could watch it on repeat all day long and not get sick of it. I think it might have something to do with the fact that it's British, Carey Mulligan and Peter Sarsgaard are amazing together, the music and philosophy fill my soul to the brim, and because I see so much of myself in Jenny. I was Jenny, and in fact, I think that I still am. She can't wait for college because she's going to read what she wants, look at paintings, and listen to jazz all day long. And even though she's intelligent, her naivete gets in the way as she gets swept up into the whirlwind of being seduced by an older man who shows her the kind of life she wants to lead--full of music, parties, dancing, glamorous clothing, trips to Paris, bottles of Chanel No. 5 (which is by far one of the most romantic gifts a man can ever give a woman, in my opinion!), eating in fancy restaurants and a feeling that she finally belongs. And who wouldn't be caught up in all of that?

A few of my favorite quotes:
  • If you never do anything, you never become anyone. 
  • It's not enough to educate us anymore Ms. Walters. You've got to tell us why you're doing it. 
  • The life I want, there is no shortcut. 
  • [On sex] It's funny though, isn't it? All that poetry and all those songs, about something that lasts no time at all. 
 I can't even begin to go on about how many things this movie did right and how much I love it! But I will cease and go wrap myself in my fictional 1960's world, donning floral shift dresses, hot pink lipstick, and listening to the soundtrack.
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  1. Loved that movie!


  2. i love ur gloves, your blog is so lovely by the ways, i will be visiting again very soon :)

  3. you are too kind! your blog is lovely as well--you have such a funky style.

  4. Totally agree - the fashion is REALLY inspirational!

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