Monday, August 15, 2011

Hair Cut, Nails Did

For awhile now, I had been contemplating chopping it all off. I used to laugh at the girls who would cry when they had to get haircuts. But once I decided I was going to go for something entirely different, my stomach started flip-flopping and I would look at girls with long hair in envy, even though I still had mine.

Well, today I walked into the salon, sat down, and the lady started playing with my hair. 
"Just a trim?"
"No, an angular bob."
"Noooooo! That's so much hair! I can't believe you're gonna make me do that!"

The cutting process wasn't as painful as I'd expected and I actually liked what I saw when it was all over. I feel so much lighter, cleaner, and sophisticated. 

Afterward, I got a pedicure and now my toes are ready for the new school year in a shiny dark gray. Woot!

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