Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lovable Eyes

 I really loved today. I wore my bright pink frock with a total 60's shape and greeted the world with a smile. Julie said she loved Scott and I in our bright colors. We have a tendency to be the couple that dresses similarly without knowing it. Sometimes we both wear gray and white striped shirts (see fair pictures), bright colors, or the same colored sweatpants. 

 The Style Quo
Dress: Target (c/o gift card at senior graduation from my great aunt...thanks Aunt Marilyn!)
Jacket: AE
Sandals: AE
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Messenger Bag: Fossil

I loved the way my nail polish played with the colors on my dress! It's lame but it made me happy. It also made me happy when Scott just looked at me on the bus and said, "God, I love your eyes." 

Creative writing today was great as usual. Julie is so quick-witted and can interpret things in ways I never even noticed. It's so nice to share a friendship with someone who can shine the light on things you normally leave in the dark... on the (sort of) downside, we both have about a week to turn in our stories/poems/nonfiction for workshop... not a whole lot of time to be creative. Maybe I'll go to a coffee shop and pretend to be pretentious. (Ha, who's pretending?)

Mom and I are going to see The Help when I get out of class tomorrow. We're going to smuggle in candy, ICEEs, and buy one of the world's greatest pleasures: movie theatre popcorn. I'm excited.

Hug someone today!

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